Sunday, December 28, 2008

Live and Learn

It is that time of the year again, the time to make New Year resolutions. What resolutions are yours? I have two. First, make efforts to learn more and learn quicker; second, be greener (environmentally, not money, which I do not have much control :-).

My dear friend Nadia just came back from London after visiting her mom. I emailed her to ask how was her mom doing. Nadia emailed back with a fascinating picture of her mom, the 83 years old had a Mac laptop on her walker. She learns computer stuffs and skypes! “Yesterday she was on strike about the computer and said since she has it she doesn't pray enough.” Nadia told me in email.

I love this picture, Nadia’s mom sets the perfect example of live and learn. I dedicate this Happy Monday flower arrangement picture to Nadia’s mom, wish her good health and best luck in the New Year 2009 (my ceramics teacher Danny has the physical flower arrangement, I thank all my teachers).

Enjoy the picture, Happy New Year and Happy Monday!

In friendship through flowers,

Thanks Nadia to allow me share the picture within Happy Monday reader community.


qin2tang2 said...

I love both photos. Recently I heard many interesting stories told by older people. My dad included. And there is even a blog written by an 80-year-old in Taiwan that won a 2008 award of Chinese blogs. If you read Chinese, here it is:

BeeLee said...

This is the positive attitude that each of us can learn and benefited, thanks for sharing :-) And wish you have a Happy New Year :-)

以柔 said...

qin2tang2, yes, there are many cool seniors who set examples for us to learn. Also, I am changing the way to view senior life.

Chengtang blog is interesting, I like that dog's voice.

Bee, happy New Year to you!

nadia said...

How fitting your title Bright moon, my mother's name translates as full moon

以柔 said...

Wow, what a fit! Thank you, Nadia, to explain to me and share the story behind your mom's name.