Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Holiday Bazaar

Every second Friday in December is the annual holiday bazaar at Ikebana International San Francisco chapter. My teacher had been the sale chair for last year’s and this year’s holiday bazaar, the students were asked to donate arrangements for sale.

This is the traditional season in which many organizations do their fund raising. My name had made onto many organizations donor list in the past years, I received letters from them for new donations every year. In my priority, food and education are the very basic ones, arts are important, but not that important comparing with food and education.

This Sunday, I attended Soar Education Foundation’s board meeting, I have been volunteering at SOAR, a nonprofit organization, for over 9 years. We provide scholarship for the poor bright students in rural China to get their education. The meeting was to decide 2009’s budget. We made a very painful decision that we will not take any new students in 2009 due to the lack of donation, we have to full fill the promises we already made by continuing to award our existing students though. Emotionally, we do not want to do that, but after read the numbers, we had no choice.

It is tough for us to face the economic down turn, but it is even tougher for those who will lose their education opportunities. If you can help, please do.

Enjoy the arrangement and Happy Monday!

In Friendship Through flower,

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