Monday, December 8, 2008

Flowers In the Office Lobby

Thanksgiving holiday has passed. However, I am still in the Thanksgiving holiday mood. Every year, starting from Thanksgiving holiday, I take the time to do something for others (yes, including arranging flowers) to say “thank you”, especially those helped and supported me in the past year. This year, I realized that I should say big “thank you” to those who challenged me in the past year. I do it slowly, so I enjoy the process more.

When I took ikebana class this Sat. my teacher offered me the option to use amaryllis by paying extra. I fall in love with the flowers at the very first sight, and immediately knew where to place the arrangement – the office lobby. Saturday night I dropped off the materials in the office and I will rearrange it Monday morning for my coworkers to enjoy.

I used amaryllis before, I did not keep the arrangements, I gave them away. This time, I will have the opportunity to learn more about amaryllis by observation, especially, I will find out its vase life (my teacher said three weeks, that is long comparing with most of cut flowers).

Hope that you enjoy the arrangement as well and Happy Monday!

In Friendship Through flower,


The lobby table:

On the following Thu, when amaryllis blooming:


BeeLee said...

Thanks for sharing :-)

I don't think I have seen amaryllis before, it looks graceful and it has a plus side cos it last longer :-)

以柔 (Yirou) said...


Thank you to visit.

Yes, it is very graceful and elegant at the same time. long lasting is a big advantage we, the arrangers, like.

You changed picture, I like it.