Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Christmas Spirit

I only celebrate Christmas after I came to States.

I spent my very first Christmas at my sponsor Mary’s Christmas party. At the party, Mary’s friend Ceci, an old American lady, prepared Christmas gifts for every guest whom she knew or not (I recall there were at least 80 guests). I got a kitchen towel. I treasured it for many years before I finally used it.

I spent my second Christmas at Moorhead, Minnesota where I attended graduate school. It was a white Christmas and frozen cold. Most of the students went home for the holidays in the winter break, it was very lonely time for the foreign students who could not go to home. When my American mom Betty invited me to her home for Christmas dinner, I was so happy. In my memory, it was a very warm evening. Though I could not remember what I had, I always remember the warm, caring holiday mood. I am not a Christian, Christmas has no religion meaning to me, but from my very first Christmas, I got the universal spirit that is far beyond the religion.

I wish the Christmas spirit with you in this holiday season. Happy Monday and Marry Christmas!

In friendship through flowers,

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