Monday, December 1, 2008

A Good Example for me to Learn

Most of the foreign students need a sponsor to come to States to study. Mary sponsored me. This Sat. I went to Altadena to see her. Mary was a foreign student herself. She went to this country from Korean after the Korean War. During the war, she was in the refugee camp for few years and did not get chance to study much in the high school. She finished her education, with her talents and hard work, she started as a researcher, and later, she served different management positions, including the vice president in University of Minnesota. After she retired, the university sent her certificate to recognize her unique contribution.

When she first came to the States, there were three months when she needed a place to stay. Ceci, an very kind American lady, offered Mary to stay with her. On my very first Christmas day in States, Mary invited me to her house. It was a huge party with many foreign students and visiting scholars, Ceci was there and she prepared Christmas gifts for everyone, she knew or not. That was my very first Christmas gift, a kitchen towel. I treasured it for many years before I finally used it. Ceci helped many foreign students like Mary when they needed help. When Ceci gets old (she is 94 years old now), Mary had been taking very good care of her. Currently, Mary visited Ceci in her nursing home once a week. Consider Mary’s own health condition right now, which is not an easy thing to do.

On Sunday, Mary and I went to visit Ceci together. Ceci enjoyed our visit. I was happy to see Ceci again.

Mary is not only my sponsor, she taught me in many ways by setting herself as a good example for me to learn and follow. I always appreciate that Mary sponsored me so I could come to this country, get chance to explore all possibilities. I had told Mary many times in the past, I wish that she lived closer to me, so I could bring her fresh flower arrangement every week, this time, I made the arrangement for her and brought it to give to her. She was pleased and enjoyed the arrangement.

Hope that you will enjoy the arrangement as well and Happy Monday!

In Friendship Through Flower,



chubby boy said...

Running late, did you ever in three years? Now, we finally caught you once for a change. I am sure with all the holiday spirits, we will find a way to forgive you :) haha.

Hope you enjoyed your driving back from LA. That's used to be my weekly routine route for a while. Oh, those seemingly old days.

Anonymous said...

I really love this arrangement. Thank you!

以柔 (Yirou) said...

chubby boy, it was stop and run for more than 8 hours. i entertained myself by enjoying the lights in the heavy fog with my tapes and CDs. For most of my long drivings, I catch up with friends on the phone, but the signal was so weak last night, I gave it up. Eh, I did not know that you used to do that in weekly basis. I will do it in every two months or so to visit my sponsor at Altadena.

And glad that I am being forgave.


It was so nice to meet both you and Jim.