Sunday, June 7, 2009

What Did You Notice?

I just moved into my new home yesterday. I noticed a few small things broken the first night. It disturbed me a little bit.

Today I noticed one thing very interesting. Birds came and made a nest inside the wreath hung on my front door. I stood inside by the dining room window to watch them this afternoon. They may be a couple. They were busy for a while, in and out, I did not see them carrying food or something, I am not sure what they were busy for, maybe that was their exercise time or play time. They talked, but in the language I could not understand. Their bodies are about two and half inches long, gray plumage, with red on their head. My bird expert friends had identified them, they are house finches. Their nest seems so small in size comparing with the size of their body, but I sensed they were happy.

What a welcome gift! I called and emailed few friends to share. My girl friend and her parents came to visit this afternoon, I asked them to enter through the garage to avoid disturb the birds. They were eager to see, unfortunately, they only got to see the empty net.

Tonight, when I am sitting in the front of my MacBook and thinking what to post for Happy Monday, I remembered the poem, Gratitude by Mary Oliver. that I shared with Happy Monday readers last spring, here is the excerpt from it:

What did you notice?

The dew snail;
the low-flying sparrow;
the bat, on the wind, in the dark;
big-chested geese, in the V of sleekest performance;
the soft toad, patient in the hot sand;
the sweet-hungry ants;
the uproar of mice in the empty house;
the tin music of the cricket’s body;
the blouse of the goldenrod.

Slow down to notice the pleasant side of the life and enjoy, it helps me to positively take life in all aspects. After all, to live a life is an experience, one should take all opportunities to explore and learn.

When I shared this poem last spring, I shared a spring flower arrangement picture with it. I like the arrangement, it fits my mood. Wish you enjoy it as well.

Happy Monday!

In friendship through flowers,



WG said...

Congratulations on your new home!!!


以柔 said...

Thank you. Expecting your visit to the area.