Sunday, June 14, 2009

You have to make it work

Every spring we get chance(s) to arrange scotch broom (cytisus scoparius).

Scotch broom is a tough plant. Its seeds have hard coats that enable them to survive in the environment for up to 80 years. With this in mind, you would not surprise if I tell you that scotch broom had made itself into the “bad” plant list, actually, it is classified as weed. If you want to learn more, here is the URL:

Most of the scotch broom stems are straight. To our ikebana arrangers, straight means boring, we have to make it work in our way, we bend the stem with the curves to make it more interesting. Bending is not an easy job. To bend it, one has to get the hands wet with water, use left hand holds the stem, put right hand next to the left hand, hold the stem, bends and twists at the same time. Work from the bottom of the stem, move up to the tip while shaping the stem. The tip is soft, easy to bend, but the bottom is pretty hard. If not enough force, it will not change; if too much force, it breaks. It takes a lot of practice to bend it with right amount of force. Once bended, it looks very elegant.

This arrangement picture is from last spring. In the arrangement, there are scotch brooms with clivia, and a bird paradise. In real life, there are situations that we have to make it work, no matter it takes, that is why I remembered this arrangement picture tonight.

Enjoy the arrangement and Happy Monday.

In Friendship through Flowers,


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