Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Dialogue

It was the Saturday after 2008 New Year’s Day, I made this flower arrangement at my ikebana class, when I finished, my teacher looked at it and said “What a nice companionship among the flowers!” She didn’t make any change to the arrangement.

Since the New Year’s Day, I had been listening to a set of CDs titled “Crucial Conversations – Tools for talking when stakes are high” while I drove and I read the book. It was recommended by my girl friend who went to the training class using this book. I learned a lot and wanted to practice what I learned.

According to the book, the “one thing” to master crucial conversations is the dialogue:

Dialogue: noun. The free flow of meaning between two or more people.

I found that it is also true if replace “between two or more people” with “among flowers”.

In this arrangement, every single material compliments others. The pussy willow branches made nice lines and defined the height of the arrangement; authuriums brightened the arrangement, its tongue shape flowers added fun to the arrangement; the pine covered the feet; narcissuses not only gave the green color needed to the arrangement, it also announced the season since all other three materials are year around materials. The combination of the materials (red, pine and narcissuses) tells us that it is a New Year arrangement. The dialogue flows among the flowers. The arrangement communicates to the viewers by their internal communication.

Enjoy The Dialogue and Happy Monday!

In friendship through flowers,


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以柔 said...

I have been busy with my writing class and did not write new Happy Monday this week. When I think about which old one to post tonight, I immediately thought about this one, "The Dialogue".

In my writing class, we are doing workshops, everyone reads other peer students' writing and gives comments. I took the process as dialogue. I try to get what writer communicates to me, then I reply back. It was fun process, though it ate my time very fast :-).