Saturday, May 23, 2009

Report 1 From Green Project - At Fund Raising Dinner

Being green was one of my new year resolutions this year. So far, it progressed very well. I tried my best to motivate the people around me to bring me floral materials from their yard. Two weeks ago my director brought me some bottle brash branches from her yard. I did not use bottle brash before and I never see an arrangement used it. I had been wandering about why no ikebana arranger used it. I had fun to arrange it, later I found out that bottle brash does not last long and gets lots of pollens. This was very good study for me.

This past Sunday we had fund raising dinner party for SOAR Education Foundation. In the past years, we always had flower donations from a flower shop owner, she gave us two carnations per table with a little bit greens in a small glass vase. This year, the volunteer who knew the donor was on vacation, so I filled in. I did not want to buy a bunch of vases and leave them in the garage after the event, and I am trying my best to be a green arranger, I came up a center piece design without using vase and pin frog.

My friend planted a lot of calla lilies. I picked up some flowers and leaves from her yard every week lately. When I used the flowers in short, I felt bad that I had to waste the stems. In this design, I cut the stems to pieces, bundled them, and used the bundle to hold the greens and the flowers. All materials were from my friends' yard, SOAR did not spent a penny.

Each design was unique, I borrowed the white plate from the restaurant to hold the bundle, the white and the green were matched very well.

To match the center pieces, I arranged calla lilies for the reception desk, I used tall stems of the calla lilies.

Guests liked my design. MC announced that I was the designer, some guests came to me to tell me that they knew how to use the flowers and greens in their yard now. When the party finished, they took the arrangements home to enjoy, that made me very happy.

Enjoy the flower arrangements and Happy Monday.

In friendship through Flowers,



BeeLee said...

Great job ! You are very creative :-) Congrats on the successful event !

以柔 said...

Thank you!