Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Moment

I wrote this article two years ago, it is perfect to remind me to treasure the friendship I made with Happy Monday readers and the moments I enjoyed.

The Moment

When I accepted my current job within the university, I realized that I had a lot to appreciate at my old job. Additionally, I found that I had long list of “to do before leave” items. One of them was to go to the Bing Music Series.

Bing Music Series is a series of free concert sponsored by Helen and Peter Bing on each Wednesday and Friday at 12:30pm in the university hospital atrium. The program is designed to increase the relaxation and improve the mood of staff members, patients and their families. Dr. Raymond Bahr, asserts, “half an hour of music produces the same effect as ten milligrams of valium.” I had planned to go since the first day I learned about the program. It had been a year and I did not make it since I thought there would be always another Wednesday or Friday. My current job is off campus, it would not be as easy as at my old job to attend a concert by just walking down the stairs.

I went the first time on the Friday, the following day after I got the job offer. It was a traditional Hindustani music played by Teed Rockwell. It was new to me, I never heard Hindustani music before. I enjoyed it. I went again the following Friday. It was jazz played by Leon Williams and Dave Prieto Quariet. I had such fun time! My feet were itching and my heart was flying. It was so hard when I had to leave. I went again the next Wednesday, which was the last time I could go before I was transferred to my current job.

In the morning of the following Saturday, on my way to my ikebana class, I stopped by farmer market to pickup some flowers for my friend who invited me over for dinner. I saw dahlias at a stand. Dahlia is one of those flowers, the bloom is very beautiful, but the vase time is only three or four days. I usually buy the long lasting flowers as gift. This time, without any hesitation, I bought a bunch of dahlia. Since it is short-lived, it reminds us to treasure the moment we have.

At the studio, I picked the most perfect dahlia and arranged it with kiwi branches. I named the arrangement “the moment” for my friend. I shared the rest of the flowers with other students.

Wish you enjoy “the moment”. Happy Monday.

In Friendship Through Flowers,


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