Sunday, November 29, 2009

The End

It is hard to believe that I did Happy Monday for four years. It was unbelievable courage that I started this project with very poor English and artistic skills. During the four years and with many readers' help I had improved a lot but not enough. The bar is higher now. I am no longer satisfied because I did it, instead, I want to do better work. I need time to learn and charge myself.

There is an end for everything, now comes the end for Happy Monday. I will stop this blog and the weekly Happy Monday email.

With deep gratitude I thank all the readers for giving me the supports and cares, without you there would be no Happy Monday. I will treasure the friendships I made through Happy Monday with you and wish you all the best.

Let's treasure the moments we enjoyed together:

Happy Monday!

In Friendship through Flowers,

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