Sunday, August 9, 2009

New "Thing"

If you have been on the Happy Monday list for a long time, you have noticed that I have a collection of things that I use over and over when I need something to go with flowers.

Few weeks ago, my coworker Lydia brought me some bamboo from her garden -- there were two thick stalks and some thin fine ones. The next day I brought flowers from home and arranged with the thick bamboo, but Lydia was out on a business trip and missed the arrangement. She had been curious about how I used the thick bamboo, so I emailed her the picture, but it is always nicer to see the real arrangement.

Those thick bamboo sticks had made into my collection of things; I have some gladiolus in my home now. I will bring them to the office tomorrow and arrange with the bamboo to show her.

Here is the picture of the arrangement Lydia missed:

Enjoy the arrangements and Happy Monday!

In Friendship through Flowers,


Above picture is the arrangement I setup in the office Monday morning. I used those bamboo in the similar way, there are other ways to use those bamboo as well, it depends on the vase and flowers.


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