Sunday, August 2, 2009

Demo by Mami Flower Design

The Sunday two weeks ago I went to see the demonstration by Mami Flower Design. The major character of the Mami school is to use natural support. There is no pin frog in its arrangements. I like the idea and thought their designs are very fresh. Following two pictures are from the demonstration:

Unfortunately, my battery died, I do not have pictures for all eight demo arrangements for you. Myself is not bothered. It is more important to enjoy the arrangements there.

Enjoy and Happy Monday!

In Friendship through Flowers,



Anonymous said...

love the first arrangement very much...looks like a tree...and the second one is like a sail boat...I like this style (Mami) quite a bit!

以柔 said...

Nice to hear from you, Mike.

Mami is my favorite one as well. I love the idea to not use pin frog. When see the first one in person, it was very very nice. The flowers were fixed by bamboo clippers. The second one is very elegant, you can see the branch split on the right side, which gave the support.

BeeLee said...

I like the second one, looks very poetic, thanks for sharing :-)

以柔 said...

Thanks Bee.

This one is very simple. Very few materials but tell a lot.