Sunday, March 22, 2009

Switch Roles

Spring is the most exciting season for ikebana arrangers. There are many floral branches and seasonal flowers to use. At my ikebana class, my classmate Rita brought us some azalea branches. Looked at the branches, I noticed there were few long ones, I decided to make an “one kind only” arrangement. “One kind only”, like its name suggested, is an arrangement using only one kind floral material, in most situations, it uses one kind floral branches. It is not easy to get azalea branches that are long enough to be used as main branch, since I had the opportunity this time, I would not miss it.

The arrangement came out very nice. I had trimmed off all the old leaves from last year to make the branches airy in order to show the flowers more. My teacher was pleased for my work.

After I took a picture of the arrangement, she suggested me to do one more study by using azalea branches as support. In the rearranged arrangement, the main stems were two tall green heliconias, azalea branches were in the bottom to support the heliconias.

In both arrangements, by its own or as support, azalea branches did great job. Azalea had set up a very good example for us to learn in our daily life.

Enjoy the arrangements and Happy Monday!

In Friendship through Flowers,


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BeeLee said...

Indeed, we should learn from Azalea, sometimes we should change our role to become a support to others. Also, azalea's pink is so bright it brings life to the arrangement, thanks for sharing :-)