Monday, March 23, 2009

Change View Angle

Lately, I got inspiration from a arm posture of Chinese dancing called “shun-feng-qi (顺风旗)”. The name translated into English means flag in the wind. Its basic form is to have two arms up and enclosed. The arms and hands form a round shape like in many other Chinese dancing postures. There are verities of this posture. I noticed that I had been seeing “shun-feng-qi” posture everywhere, especially in the flowering branches when I arranged ikebana.

It was two weeks ago at my ikebana class, My teacher prepared flowering crabapple branches. The branches were very beautiful and feminine, of couse, they reminded me the “shun-feng-qi” dancing posture. I arranged them like "shun-feng-qi". After it was done and had my teacher checked, I moved it onto the nearby table to make room for my classmates. Then I joined my teacher and other classmates to study my classmates’ work.

When we finished study, I turned to my own arrangement and was about to take it down. My teacher and I got to see the arrangement from the side. It was about 90 degree off from the original view, from this new view angle, we found that the branches formed very nice frame. I kept the branches untouched, rearranged the protia flowers to have them facing front. The new arrangement came out much nicer than the original one. What a nice discovering!

This instance had served as a reminder for my daily life – not set limit, see things from different view angles, life will be much more interesting.

Enjoy the flower arrangement pictures and Happy Monday!

In Friendship through Flowers,

Note, I “stole” the dancing posture picture from web site (I showed this article to teacher Yao). I will find a picture from public domain later to replace it. Only for the time being, I hope you have an idea of the posture to know what I talked about ☺.



BeeLee said...

You always have something new for your arrangement, what a great learner, always look for improvement and new discovery :-)

以柔 said...

Thank you, Bee. Live and learn to make life more interesting.