Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Spring Festival

This Saturday, I arranged magnolia. Magnolia reminded me the spring outings when I was in the elementary school.

Every early spring, we had the spring outing to Beijing Summer Palace. That was the very first school outing in the year after a long and cold winter. Students were asked to hand in an essay after the outing, the given title was always something like “Spring is here” or “Spring is coming”. We were asked to observ the trees, plants and other lives to find the “signs” of the spring season. Each year, I noticed something new, however, there were always two types of bloom there every single spring: magnolia and weeping forsythia. There were two types of magnolia flowers, white and purple. I liked both. There was no way to miss weeping forsythia, its yellow blooms were very bright. Those two flowers always remind me the spring season in Beijing.

Chinese New Year is also called Spring Festival. When magnolia blooms, spring is coming. Let this magnolia arrangement join your Spring Festival celebrations, wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Monday!

In Friendship through Flowers,


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