Sunday, April 12, 2009

What Flowers Can Do to Us?

Few year ago, I browsed a book title at a local bookstore, “Flowers A to Z” by Cecelia Heffernan. After I went through the contents list, at the following page, it was subtitled “Knowing Flowers”, the first two paragraphs touched me and I bought the book:

“Flowers are an integral part of our life. We celebrate, mourn, and love with them. They talk to us, teach us, comfort us.

Flowers have the power to evoke emotions and memories. They captivate us with their endless diversity of color, shape, size and fragrance. Yet for many of us, they remain designated for special occasions.”

We heard more and more bad news lately. The economy, the killing, the flood, … At those times, I turned to flowers, I thought about above words of flowers, and I think about the special way flowers do to comfort people.

At every of my flower talk, I asked my audience why we are touched by flowers. I got different answers every time and I contributed different answers of my own, depended on what’s in my mind at that moment. I did not get a satisfied answer. Tonight, I asked myself the same question again, and thought I have a better answer. It is flower’s sacrifice.

Yes, flowers sacrifice their life to bring us cheerfulness and high energy. No matter small or large flowers, bright or dark flowers, ... they all give people positive feeling,

This Monday I share two arrangement pictures of sunflowers and wild scotch brooms. I like the feeling sunflower brings to people. It always reminds us the sun, the bright side of the life. Wild scotch brooms is actually considered “weed”, but its powerful bright yellow delivered hope to people.

We can all learn from flowers to pass on the spirit, being positive and cheerful, give comfort to those surround us, together, we will pass this difficult time.

Enjoy the Flowers and Happy Monday!

In Friendship with Flowers,


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